Love for nature, adventure and active vacation and longtime work with people on the river resulted in the launch of the Terraktiv agency, specializing in tourist adventure. Our mission is to convey the experience, the experience and the passion of encountering nature with every traveler desiring an adventure. At one-day excursions, you will meet with the most subtle and extraordinary parts of our country under the guidance of experienced licensed guides. Our main excursion is located on the pearl of continental Croatia, the River Mrežnica, which you will see in full glory only when you overcome all its waterfalls with kayaks and rafts. We've put you ahead of us with bigger challenges: ziplines, jump parachutes, bouncing balls, biking, trekking, paintball, windsurfing and sailing, so adrenaline addicts will satisfy their appetites.

Feel the nature of yourself and live the adventure with the Terraktiv Team.

Borna Stolarik
Borna Stolarik- the main guide on Mreznica, The Vikking soul

Borna is all about the outdoors and being active since he was a little boy: kayaking, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, cycling and camping are his passions. He loves nothing more than to pack up, pick up his backpack and get away. A licensed IRF guide,he spent several years guiding trips on the Zrmanja,Mrežnica,Dobra rivers in Croatia and Una river in BiH. Also he guided cycling trips all across Croatia. Today he is using his skills guiding kayaking trips and seakayaking trips in Croatia.
There's no quitting when you are on tour with him – he will push and support you all the way. He can also share a tip or two about survival skills. Tomahawk is his best friend ;)

Martin Bolšec
Martin Bolšec - vikend vodič i HGSS-ovac

Hi! My name is Martin, I was camping before I could walk!
Nature inspired me and helped me to become self-reliant.
Since childhood I was a member of the mountaineering society and later became a 1. category
licensed guide and a member of the guide service of the Croatian Mountaineering Association –
HPS. I spent many seasons as a kayaking and rafting guide on river Zrmanja and Mrežnica.
What led to acquiring Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician licence.
If you want to do anything that includes outdoor activities I’m your man!

Josip Stolarik
Josip Stolarik - profesional driver, The Driver

Josip is a professional driver and a lover of nature. He just transmitted love to nature and nature activities to his son Matija. During the winter he works as a driver for Uber and Taxify, during the summer he drives for Terraktiv. Josip is a very experienced driver, serving during the Homeland War in Croatia as a driver of emergency vehicles . Aside from driving well, Josip is an artistic soul and is very skilled in making different objects of leather and wood. Anyway, with Josip you're in safe hands.

Duško Sušić
Duško Sušić - profesional driver, The Ghost

Professional driver, nature lover, trainer of medicinal herbs, member of HPD Zrin Petrinja, member of the Petrinja Cup raider. Hobbies of healing herbs for tea, making traditional healing melon, making souvenirs and jewelery from recycled juniperus comunis, wandering around nature, preserving the environment.

Matija Stolarik
Matija Stolarik - a professional outdoor guide, The Boss

Matija founded Terraktiv 2012, after 10 years as a professional guide and travel leader, primarily for kayaking and rafting, and for hiking and biking. His rowing interest was developed in his youth when he performed as a member of the rowing club at international competitions in all disciplines. He joined love for rowing and nature and became licensed as a professional guide. He learned how to survive in nature and thus provide better care for guests and provide them with useful information for outdoor safety. Terraktiv came after Matija's many years of experience in outdoor activities and acquaintance with the needs and wishes of guests. Matija revived his vision and originally started as an independent professional organization for outdoor excursions. A Terraktiv blog is the 2019 project that seeks to bring Croatian natural beauty closer to potential guests and members of Terraktiv with as much useful information as possible about outdoor activities, outdoor sports, information on equipment needed for outdoor activities and recommendations for other activities during their stay in Croatia. Given the experience of graphic designers and web developing, in cold winter days, he used it to create a Terraktiv blog that offers an open window of beauty of nature and coexistence with it throughout the year.

Diana Di
Diana Di - Marketing and PR, The Huntress

Diana met Matija in 2016, she was a classic city girl who worked as a marketing and public relations manager at a dental clinic. The only outdoor activity for her was a beach volleyball. Since they soon developed a relationship, Diana encouraged herself to learn basic skills and discover the magic of nature. Diana is a very good subject for testing new excursions and excursions as representatives of basic people. The discovery of nature allowed her to overcome unnecessary fears. After 3 years spent in Terraktiv, Diana is now a wildlife lover and huntress. Diana is thrilled with her involvement on Terraktiv blog project because here her experience and marketing knowledge as a PR are coming to the fore to help realize Matija's vision for Terraktiv.