Diana, marketing manager, The Huntress, wrote an interesting blog why the outdoor guides are the best material for boyfriends.

Hello, I am Diana, my interest is public relations and marketing, and my hobbies are kayaking, hunting and volleyball. We can say that 3 years back I was a classic city girl whose maximum range of stay in nature was beach volley and occasional walk along some nature resorts. In 2016, I fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes at first glance, but why I love him more and more every day, you will understand when I explain why outdoor guides are the best guys, partners and real men.

So, Matija was the first man in my life who had completely different interests than mine. My everyday life were the city streets, and his forest paths. I slept only in hotels or apartments, and he only in a tent or hammock. Speaking of sportswear and clothing I had the sports equipment only for volleyball, and he did not have jeans, let alone some fancy shoes, Matija’s wardrobe was all just for sport and adapted to all conditions in nature. Someone would say, it was impossible that these two remain together.

Our Terraktiv base is located in Primislje, 12 km from Slunj, a village without internet and gsm signals, without water supply and sewerage … During one of our first dates, Matija decided to take me to a tour of the base, then just under construction. He said it was the warehouse holding the equipment over the summer. When I came over there, I did not see a warehouse but more like a CAVE!! Yes, in one part of the the so-called “warehouse” I even saw bats flying, although fortunately they did not live there. I was hoping to have a nice day in nature, possibly with a nice picnic. Matija, however, had other plans. I got nails and hammer in hand and the rest of the day we spent in the warehouse work. It was necessary to clean the warehouse and set the beam above the entrance so that he could start working the roof afterwards. Toilet was the nature around us and the water we had to take from a natural spring. Now, that was a real test of my love! That trip was not definitely what I expected. However, I surprised myself and actually enjoyed working in nature. Therefore, today, whenever we look at this beam, we recall our first date in Primislje and how we set it up, jointly.

Matija knew, if he wants our relationship to last,
he had to make sure that I get to know and accept his world. There were many challenges but also extreme patience and effort on his side, and also a lot of love from my side :) One of my most challenging moments was sleeping in nature. I had a fear of grasshoppers (to this day I'm not thrilled when I see them), and sleeping in a warehouse, it was like looking at the sky where instead of the stars were grasshoppers. Matija had to remove those very noticeable grasshoppers each night before we went to bed and tried to distract me with some other topics. For an experienced outdoor guide, a person like me was not a novelty. At that time, in 15 years of his experience as a professional guide, Matija experienced different situations with guests while staying in nature. Especially on multi-day excursions. Often happens that guests experience discomfort when they find themselves out from their comfort zone. In such cases, the role of the guide is very important. The guide has to make it easier for guests to stay in nature and try to break some of their boundaries in such a way that at the end the result is their SATISFACTION. And this is the key topic of this blog.

Why are outdoor guides the best material for boyfriends?

Because they are taught to take care of other people.
Because they are resourceful and versatile.
Because they have a lot of knowledge about survival, nature ... with them you will survive all the conditions.
Because most know how to cook, except Dario :P
Because they know that teamwork is important for progress.
Because beside them women always feel safe, looked after and pampered.

Matija kuha

Today, after three years of co-existence with an outdoor guide, I, a city girl, became The Huntress. The city was replaced by rivers and forests, and last summer, for the first time in my life, I slept all night on the grass! My wardrobe is now mostly dark green and orange, and I have replaced high-heeled shoes with military 5.11 boots. The feeling of freedom during the stay in nature can not surpass any cafe, no square, street or shopping center.

Diana lovkinja

The Bachelor

In order not to be confused that I made the conclusion only on the example of my own boyfriend, I will tell you when I realized that outdoor guides were really the best guys and when I actually said it out loud. Last year, 2018, Terraktiv hosted RTL TV team while shooting The Bachelor for croatian audience. For that day, we had special preparations, and we needed more outdoor guides than we normally need on classical excursions. With us were Dario (the main guide on the Mrežnica River, Eco-Warrior), Martin (The Weekend Guide), Trevor (Davor - external associate and owner of the Go-Explore agency), Duško (driver and The Herbalist), Aco (Off-road Driver) and Matija (The Boss).

Terraktiv team

The evening before we gathered, socialized and prepared the protocol for the shooting. In the morning when I got up (I’m always the last one to get up in the morning), I was greeted by breakfast and coffee - Thanks Martin.
After breakfast everything was ready and clean (because the guide does not leave anything messy in nature). - Thank you, Matija. Until I got to the start position, all the equipment had been set up - Thanks Dario.
As we waited for The Bachelor team (who were late for 4 hours), Trevor took out apples at one point and offered me, seriously, if I want him to peel the apple bark for me. What? My mom doesn’t do that for me anymore! - Thanks Trevore.
Duško, ran around taking photos and made me company while others were in the field - Thank you Duško.
Aco got me a sandwich when I almost famished - Thanks Aco!

And now you tell me that outdoor guides are not the best guys!

Even the female contenders of The Bachelor confirmed my thesis. When the shooting was over, they told the boys that they were true perfect gentlemen.

Gospodin Savršeni

Dear women, be smart and give the opportunity to the right men, those who really want to win you and not buy you. Those who want to blend you into their world and keep you as a drop of water in their palm!

Autor: Diana Di